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Our philosophy.

Our Philosophy

There’s a big difference in the way of producing lumber now compared to back in the days. Now adays everything is about converting trees into lumber in the most efficient way. Every step of the process is about transforming the seed to a wooden plank in the quickest way possible. The trees have been cultivated to grow quicker and the lumber is put in a lumber kiln to speed up the drying process.
Before everything was about efficiency and a quick profit, the trees grow more slowly in its own pace. It took time, and a bit of patience, before the wood had dried to its desired moisture ratio before you used it as a building material.
Our idea is simple and obvious. The way the wood is produces have a great impact on the quality. In extension, the quality of the wood has a great impact on the sound of a instrument.

We only use old, reclaimed wood, in the body of our instruments. Our design directions are always determined by keeping one eye on the road forward and the other in the rear mirror.
We want to make quality instruments that feels aged and solid but meets the demands from the players of today.

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